Welcome to La Société Adrian Hands

The Société Adrian Hands recognizes those randonneurs and randonneuses who believe that every ride should be enjoyed to its fullest. Membership is not for the fleetest of foot but for those that savor every moment of the journey, often using the full allotment of allowed time.

The society was created in 2009 in order to honor Adrian Hands and like-minded cyclists.

tireless bicycle advocate and 2003 Paris Brest Paris Ancien, Adrian embodied the philosophy that every ride is an adventure. He traveled far and wide to pursue his love of randonneuring, including brevets in China and Bulgaria. He successfully completed PBP in 2003 with a time of 88:55. His ride report of that adventure stands as one of the best accounts ever of this legendary event.

In 2005, Adrian was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder, later determined to be ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), which caused him to lose a significant amount of upper extremity strength. In his characteristic joie de vivre, Adrian switched to a recumbent cycle and successfully qualified for PBP in 2007. Although he retired in Loudeac during the return trip from Brest in 2007 his courage, determination and adventurous spirit should inspire us all.

Adrian "Yo A" Edgar Hands died of complications of ALS on February 3, 2011.  Adrian will be dearly missed but his spirit carries on through his family,     friends and La Société Adrian Hands.

Membership is currently limited to PBP participants who successfully finished that grand event in Adrian's time or greater. For more information, see our Rules & Regulations page. Bonne route!