Announcements: La Société Adrian Hands

Adrian "Yo A" Edgar Hands died of complications of ALS on February 3, 2011.

He was a tireless bicycle advocate and 2003 Paris Brest Paris Ancien who embodied the philosophy that every ride is an adventure.  He traveled far and wide to pursue his love of randonneuring, including brevets in China and Bulgaria.  He successfully completed PBP in 2003 with a time of 88:55.  His ride report of that adventure stands as one of the best accounts ever of this legendary event.  Adrian will be dearly missed but his spirit carries on through his family, friends and La Société Adrian Hands.  See link below for further details.

E-Mail Contact: Cap'n John Ende, President. 

NC Randonneurs Adrian Hand's Spirit Award

2010  Geof Simons
2012  Mark Thomas
2013  Tim Lucas
2014  Luke Heller
2015  John Ende